Community leaders turn out to fete Gen

Community leaders turn out to fete Gen

the King, and Khunying Busyarat invited family, friends and community leaders to their home November 26 for a day of prayer and celebration to mark General Kanit’s 68th birthday.

Chief abbot Phra Khru Visuthipiyakorn together with eight monks from Wat Boon Samphan led the devout in prayer to give blessings to the beloved couple.

General Kanit is held in high esteem by those who know him for his unbounded love and loyalty to His Majesty the King and his devotion to the Royal Family. He affectionately speaks of the love and benevolence of our King for the people of Thailand. «His Majesty has never stopped working for His people throughout the more than 65 years of His reign.

General Kanit initiates the prayer session by lighting the candles in front of the holy Buddha.

«His Majesty is deeply concerned about His subjects and keeps a close watch on the developments of His country. This year His Majesty is quite concerned about the flooding situation in Thailand. He is constantly giving advice to all concerned on ways to relieve the hardships the people who are bearing tremendous hardships caused by the heavy flooding.»

Gen Kanit again emphasized that, «His Majesty cares and loves everyone, Thais and foreigners alike. He has always stressed that He protects everyone who lives under His umbrella of Righteous and Benevolent rule.»

After the ceremonies, guests were feted to lunch which consisted of a large variety of Thai dishes which guests brought along as their contribution to the party.

Khunying Busyarat and General Kanit Permsub pour lustral water into a bowl as monks chant prayers.

Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome came by to wish General Kanit many happy returns of the day.

General Kanit Permsub welcomes Santsak Ngampiches (2nd left) and his son Poramet Ngampiches (2nd right), both members of parliament representing Chonburi province.

Andrew Khoo, former GM of Hard Rock Pattaya and presently in charge of the Bali property flew in to pay his respects to general Kanit. He is flanked by Damrong Taweema (left), Hard Rock Hotel director of security, Pratheep Malhotra, MD of Pattaya Mail and Jiraphong Roeksasut, CEO of Royal Furnishings.

General Kanit and Khunying Permsub receive a basket of fruits from the Malhotras, Tony (left), Prince (3rd right) and Peter (right). They were joined by Paisan Bundityanon (2nd right), MD of Rabbit Resort.

Mai Chaiyanit, mayor of Nongprue City and Khunying Busyarat are all smiles as General Kanit Permsub receives a bouquet of flowers from Pol. Col. Somnuk Changate, superintendent of the Pattaya Police station.