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Updated: Today at 0002 UT Coronal Holes: 18 Feb 17

An unusually broad coronal hole is cutting across the southern hemisphere of the sun. Credit: NASA/SDO. Noctilucent Clouds The southern season for noctilucent clouds began on Nov. 17, 2016. Come back to this spot every day to see the «daily daisy» from NASA’s AIM spacecraft, which is monitoring the dance of electric blue around the Antarctic Circle.

Switch view: Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctic Peninsula, East Antarctica, Polar Updated at: 02 18 2017 19:55:03 SPACE WEATHERUpdated at: 2017 Feb 18 2200 UTC FLARE

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CLASS X01 %Probabilities for significant disturbances in Earth’s magnetic field are given for three activity levels: active, minor storm, severe storm Updated at: 2017 Feb 18 2200 UTC Mid latitudes