Who did everybody end up with

Who did everybody end up with

Ross occasionally sees son, Ben, as he shares custody with his first ex wife Carol and her lesbian life partner Susan.

Monica: She ends up marrying Chandler Bing and they live happily in a beautiful house in West Chester. Monica and Chandler both have fertility problems so they adopt twins named Jack, after Monica’s father, and Erica, after their biological mother. It is said that Monica and Chandler go on to have a «miracle child» named Alexis. With therefore fulfils Monica’s fantasy she uncovers with Joey in series 3.

Joey: In the final episode of friends Joey is single without any off spring. However, in the spin off «Joey» it is said to believe that Joey commits in a long term relationship with next door neighbour Alex. Off screen Joey and Alex get married in Barbados and they have multiple children as Joey has always wanted a big family as he has 6 sisters and is very close to his family.

Phoebe: Phoebe marries a man called Mike. Joey and Phoebe agree to plan dates for each other but Joey forgets to arrange a date for Phoebe. But Joey tells Phoebe he has found he a date named Mike. Joey enters the famous coffee shop «central perk» and simply shouts Mike. Mike Hannigan answers and agrees to the date as Joey promises him a «free dinner» and «to meet a pretty girl» there are many complications within their relationship and split up for a while as Mike does not want to re marry. But, in Barbados realises that Phoebe is the love of his life and the get back together, even though she is there with another man. During the final episode Mike states to Phoebe that they should «make one of those» referring to Monica and Chandlers twins. Phoebe replies «One? how about a whole bunch?» Which implies they went on to have multiple children.

c1503 said:

Okay, so I have watched all the episodes. Monica and Chandler end up getting married and adopting twins, later on having a child of their own. Ross and Rachel get back together and have a little girl called Emma, Phoebe and Mike get married and I know they have children but I can’t remember how many. Joey does eventually meet someone only to find out that she used to be a man, causing them to break up. Janice (Chandler’s ex girlfriend, OH MY GOD!) marries a business man, has one child and gets a divorce and then marries a deaf man and has another child. I don’t know about the rest of the characters but I hope this helped 😀

Joey: dated Kate (Girl in that one play), dated Kathy, dated Janine (blond Australian roommate), dated Charlie (black paleontologist), dated Rachel

Ross: married carol (lesbian), dated Julie (met in China), married Emily (British), dated Elizabeth (student), dated Mona (short blond hair), dated Charlie, dated/married Rachel

Rachel: almost married Barry (evil orthodontist), dated Paolo (hairy Italian guy), dated Joshua (customer with curly blond hair), dated Paul (Elizabeth’s dad), dated Tag (young assistant, dated/married Ross

Phoebe: dated David (scientist who goes to Minsk, comes back and stirs drama), married Duncan (supposedly gay ice dancer), Gary (cop whose badge phoebe found), married Mike (brown haired guy on improvised double date)

122004 said:

In the last episode Racheal and Ross both tell eachother that they love each other but they don’t end up getting married at least in the show. Together in season 9 Ross and Racheal have a child named Emma together even though they are not in a realtionship at the time. In about season 6, Monica and Chandler get married and in season 10 they adopt twins! In Season 7 Phobe has triplets for her brother and his wife and in season 10 she marries a guy that she meet on a blind date named Mike. In the end Joey never ends up with anyone but he still has plenty of dates.