ZoeMob Family Locator 3

ZoeMob Family Locator 3

ZoeMob Family Locator

ZoeMob Family Locator

Family Locator monitors and tracks your kids location 24 hours per day. Install ZoeMob to receive automatic geofencing alerts when they arrives at school or at home, to monitor SMS messages for prevent sexting and bullying attacks.

ZoeMob is the best choice for parents who wish to ensure their children and family members are protected and safe all day long. We have the best GPS technology for tracking and keeping your child safe.


Can monitor 1 (ONE) device full for 7 days

Family Messenger UNLIMITED

Panic button UNLIMITED

Mobile Control Panel UNLIMITED

Web Control Panel UNLIMITED

Full Location Tracking for 7 days

Call History for 7 days (view the incoming/outgoing call log)

SMS History for 7 days (full sent/received messages)

Geofencing alerts for 7 days (if you kids arrived or left a place)

Callbacks for 7 days (hear everything around the monitored device)

Wipe Functions for 7 days (delete device’s data remotely)

Note: All new FREE accounts are elegible for a 7 days trial of Premium Version for 1 (ONE) device as describe above. After that, you can keep using the FREE version or upgrade to PREMIUM version to enhance your family protection.

Stay informed on the location of your child. Receive alerts when they move across the designated areas.

In an emergency you can program the mobile device to dial any number and hear everything is happening around your family member.

Many people call ZoeMob as a family GPS locator, family security or just as a family tracker because we can be a fast and reliabe tool create peace of mind to parents.


«I really like this free app. Its my favorite like endomondo sports tracker and womanLog calendar». Thank you. Kate Nielsen.

«Peace of mind for me and my family. Now I can tracking and monitoring my kids anytime. Congratulations!» Greg Higins.

«My days has been quiet since I have installed ZoeMob. This app is so essencial as my ovuview period tracker. I cannot live whithout it». Geyse M. Lopez.

«This is the best gps tracking app!

Thank you, I don’t worry anymore where my kids are. Just fantastic. Thanks guys». Maki

«Your app is great

It works great with my friends that have android phones. I used the app with my family while on vacation and it worked flawlessly.». 5ko

«I always loved movies and loved to use GPS on my phone with fandango and moviefone to find theaters near me on the street. One day I lost my phone walking on the Pacific Place shopping center. Do you know who solved my problem? My account on ZoeMob. I located it via the web control panel few hours later losing the phone. No one gps app do this so fast.» Peter Sams