SPLA chief says confinement negatively impacts his family’s life

SPLA chief says confinement negatively impacts his family’s life

September 15, 2017 (JUBA) The former South Sudanese chief of army staff said Friday that the death of his daughter and refusal by the government to allow him to attend burial service at home in his village has put the family in real tragedy.

«You saw the faces of the people, the mother, the brothers, sisters of Alakiir and other family members who knew her. They were all down. Some of them did not eat for days.

The former Inspector General of police, Gen. Pieng Deng Kuol called on the family to stay strong, saying it is the God who gave them the late daughter and it is the same God who has taken her. There is nothing we can do because this is the same way we are going to. The tragedy here now is that it is the young child, young daughter who has a lot to do with the family and the country. She was a brave daughter and someone who loves people that was the reason she gave her life to save others, her sister and colleagues in the school,» said Gen. Kuol.

Awan, a former ally of President Salva Kiir, was dressed in a black shirt as a sign of mourning the daughter. He looked calm but in an unusual mood, partly due to the death of his daughter and house arrest.

No senior presidential aide and cabinet ministers from his area were at the airport during the reception of the body. However, low level government officials and two top army general generals were in attendance. Some legislators and former party officials allied to him also accompanied him.

Gen. Marial Chanduong, commander of ground forces and Gen. Mangar Buong Aluong, assistant Chief of defence forces were among the two top military officers who went to Juba airport for reception of the body.

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