Specialized Polymer Materials

Specialized Polymer Materials

PolyOne Corporation (NYSE: POL) is a global leader offering a comprehensive array of specialized polymer materials, tailored services and end to end solutions. We have:

More than 10,000 customers in 35 countries

We understand that, in today’s competitive, warp speed global economy, your success depends on being first to market with innovative, value creating materials and services. That is why we manufacture many materials to help solve the demanding application and business needs of molders and processors. For more information on our solutions, visit Products Services.

Our solutions are the right choice for customers who want to achieve profit and growth with innovative products, enter new markets, expand globally and much more. In this high stakes environment, you can rely on us as your strategic partner a partner whose notion of service goes well beyond merely supplying needs, to delivering better business solutions. Our commitment to you as a PolyOne customer is a core principle, embedded in every dimension of our company.

«Color use» audits Reduce total cost of color parts by reviewing your manufacturing and distribution facilities and determining color waste and potential color control mechanisms.

Custom compound development Work with our team to create a custom compound that meets your exact processing and end use application needs.

Custom toll compounding capabilities Use PolyOne’s facilities in NAFTA region to compound your product. Dedicated to resin producers, processors and OEMs that need additional production capacity or want pilot plant experience prior to full production.

Material selection Choose the most appropriate and cost effective compound, color or additive for your specific manufacturing process and application.

Part and tooling design assistance Leverage our polymer knowledge and processing experience to improve the design of your part through FEA based part design. The geometry can be passed to other FEA based programs, including structural, filling, cooling, processing and tool manufacturing software.

PolyOne has broad experience in most every industry where polymers are used.

In today competitive, global business environment, success is more challenging than ever. No matter what your industry or which markets you serve, your success depends on growing revenue, improving margins, developing innovative products, operating more efficiently and effectively, and protecting your brand and reputation.

Your challenge is made easier when you can depend on a supplier to engage with you to know your business environment and your needs as well as you do. Industries are diverse and distinctive and often require unique solutions. At PolyOne: