Spassky is in Moscow

Spassky is in Moscow

Boris Spassky has been in one of Moscow clinics since Monday, said deputy chairman of Russian Chess Federation Veteran comitee Rimma Bilunova who paid attention to what has happened to Spassky after his brain attack in September 2010. She said that Spassky sister is wrong saying that Boris has been stolen from his house in Paris against his will.

«Spassky has problems in his family life, says Bilunova, and his sister supports his wife Marina. It was a mistake to send Boris to France after the brain attack. All these two years he wanted to come to Russia but his wife didn let him do that under the pretext of his poor health. However after his mediacl insurance expired she took him home from the Clinic where he was really looked after. Marina decided not to make the new insurance».

Bilunova says that Spassky «Friends» had done a great job before Boris was able to get to Russia. «Professional French lawyers were invited to take part in the work».

«Boris Spassky has always enjoyed to communicate with chess veterans and tried to take part in our events, Bilunova says, we supported him during his ilness, telephoned him, but after his jubilee it became impossible to talk to him. We hope he recover soon and we be glad to see him on our events again. It is clear that he travelled to Russia because he wanted to do so. There are people who can prove it». That is what she said:

«Search For The Woman»: Boris Spassky Sister Is Writing An Open Letter About Her Brother Being «Stolen»

e3e5 site offers Boris Spassly sister Iraida open letter:

29 Years Later Boris Spassky To Represent His Country Again

The website of the Russian Chess Federation reports that Boris Spassky has decided to change federation. Since 1984, the tenth world champion has represented France, and from now on he will be listed as a Russian chess player in the FIDE rating list.

Viktor Korchnoi and Boris Spassky to Play a Four Game Match

Chess News finds out there a friendly match scheduled from March 27 in Leipzig between Viktor Korchnoi and Boris Spassky. It will consist of four classical game.

Evgeny Sveshnikov Is in the Spotlight Again: He Won the Veterans Tournament Dedicated to Boris Spassky

The free day at the World Championship match was marked with a veterans tournment dedicated to Boris Spassky 75th anniversary. 84 participants determined the strongest in a 9 round Swiss held in the Moscow Central House of Chess. Evgeny Sveshnikov won the tournament scoring 7.5 out of 9. Evgeni Vasiukov, Victor Bojarinov, Oleg Zilbert and Vladimir Zhelnin gathered 7 points each and shared 2 5 places. Balashov, Berkovich, Kolbanov and Kachar stayed half a point behind them.