South Sudan’s Kiir names new cabinet

South Sudan’s Kiir names new cabinet

July 31, 2013 (JUBA) South Sudan president Salva Kiir on Wednesday issued a decree appointing 18 cabinet ministers and 10 deputies, a week after he dissolved the entire government.

South Sudan Salva Kiir (Reuters)

Several new faces were elevated to cabinet in the 31 July decree, issued under Article 112 (1) of the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan.

The president, for instance, appointed Kuol Manyang Juuk as minister for defense and veteran affairs, Obuto Mamur Mete in the office for the president for national security service, Telar Riing Deng for justice, Aggrey Tisa Sabuni for finance,commerce and economic planning, Aleu Ayeny Aleu in charge of interior and wildlife conservation, among others.

The South Sudan leader, had earlier appointed Barnaba Marial Benjamin, formerly the information minister to head the foreign affairs ministry.

Meanwhile, Stephen Dhiew Dau for petroleum and mining, industry and environment and information, Micheal Makuei for broadcasting, telecommuncation and postal services, Jemma Nunu Kumba for lands, housing and physical planning, among others were some of the few ministers retained by the president.

Kiir, under Article 117(1) of the same constitution also issued another decree appointing 10 deputy ministers in the newly formed government. The new appointments bring to 29 the total number of ministers and their deputies.

The president, in a statement extended to Sudan Tribune, said he chose this moment to restructure his government and lay the groundwork for a lean and stronger cabinet.

«This downsizing will create synergies, allow budgets to flow to high priority development projects and also allow for better management by dedicated civil servants,» Kiir statement reads in part.


Barnaba Marial Benjamin Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Martin Elia Lomoro Cabinet affairs Kuol Manyang Juuk Defense and Veteran Affairs Telar Ring Deng Justice To be appointed Office of President Obuto Mamur Mete Office of the President for National Security Service Aleu Ayeny Aleu Interior and Wildlife Conservation Aggrey Tisa Sabuni Finance, Commerce and Economic Planning Kuong Danhier Gatluak Labor, Public Service and Human Resource Development Michael Makuei Lueth Information, Broadcasting and Telecommunication and Postal Services Riek Gai Kok Health Beda Machar Deng Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism and Animal Resources, Cooperatives and Rural Development John Gai Yoh Education, Science and Technology Jemma Nunu Kumba Land, Housing and Physical Planning Abdalla Deng Nhial Electricity, Dams, Irrigation and Water Resources Simon Majok Mijak Transport, Roads and Bridges Stephen Dhieu Dau Petroleum, Mining and Environment Ngor Kulang Culture, Youth and Sport Awut Deng Acuil Gender and Social DevelopmentPaulino Wanawilla Unango Justice Jadada Augustino Wani Interior and Wildlife Conservation Mary Jarvas Yak Finance, Commerce and Economic Planning Kengen Jakor Finance, Commerce and Economic Planning Rebecca Joshua Okwaci Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Postal Services Nadia Arop Dudi Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism and Animal Resources, Cooperatives and Rural Development Bol Makueng Education, Science and Technology Deng Arop Kuol Land, Housing and Physical Planning Martin Daku Transport, Roads and Bridges Elizabeth James Bol Petroleum, Mining and EnvironmentDr. Riak Machar is to become like Riala Odinga in Kenya under the hand of Kikuyu, Hassen El Turabi in Khartoum under Bashir, Kissa Abasciji under Kaguta Museveni in Uganda and Muorgen Tisseigerazi in Zimbabwi under Robert Mugabi. Look, president Kiir formed cabinets is very strong supported by defend minister Kuol Manyang Juuk, Telar Ring Deng Riak in justic and veteran affairs ministy, Dr. Marial Benjamin in foreign affairs ministry and Micheal Makuei Lueth in information and Telecommunication and postal services ministry. What about Paul Mayom Akech where are they remained in their kingdom government?

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