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Wal Mart Unrealistic «Family Moments» Ads

I had no major quarrels with Wal Mart, you know, besides the fact they are a soulless McCorporation against which mom and pop stores cannot compete and for which employees work for depressingly low wages.

Don get me wrong: I don mean to suggest families can have Game Nights or that they can have fun with video games. The choices Wal Mart makes in their commercials, meanwhile, are almost insultingly unrealistic. One memorable ad has Mom, Dad, Sis and Bro all huddled around the Xbox 360. Bro is apparently the family champion of the system, and on one lucky night, Sis «crushes» him. Mom and Dad are worried about Bro being angry, but he shows restraint and congratulates her on a good game.

Of course, no gameplay is ever shown; your imagination is left to wander as you hear the random bleeps and bloops coming from the TV set. Given the ages of the kids, though, I really like to know what game Little Sis is actually able to beat Big Bro at, possible coaching by Dad be damned. At the very least, playing the Wii would make more sense. And how many boys would really be that nice to their sister if they got killed in a game they were supposedly good at? I don care if you 12 or twice that age, you probably going to want to smash something. If Commercial Mom is anything like my real mom, chances are she be pushing buttons in a random fashion, asking questions like, «Who am I?», «Who are these people supposed to be?», «How do I move?» and «Whose idea was it to buy this damn game?»

There are other commercials in the series, which can be viewed

here. At least the Nintendo DSi spot is kind of funny; Mom is a bit eccentric, but her accomplishment is realistically proportionate even if her response isn For the most part, though, game enthusiasts will want to do a face palm upon seeing these ads. Perhaps I a cynic, but most parents will be buying these games and systems so their kids will entertain themselves. More likely would be a family gathering around a board game or a movie. Moreover, the whole «all smiles» world where everyone is happier than you will ever be is nauseating. It bad enough I have to see it in