Multi Purpose Plastic Buckets

Multi Purpose Plastic Buckets

Our company, Toyop Relief Pvt. Ltd. is merchant exporters, setup in 1994 and with a current turnover of US$7.3 million. We normally book capacities from manufacturers of quality goods and explore export markets for these products globally. We export our products to Africa, Europe, Middle East, Far East and neighboring countries. Toyop, is an organization dedicated to task of providing timely assistance and aid to needy nations. Our expertise extends to supplying relief aid product. Situated in Mumbai, the commercial hub of the nation, we have access to all the leading suppliers and dealers of relief aid. Proximity to the port, combined with rapid airlift options, helps us deliver on time, every time, the crucial factor when dispensing relief aid. We also have warehousing facility of 8,000 sq. ft. in Mumbai city.

We are presently importing power tiller, plastic raw material, ropes (8 strand and mooring).

We are looking for import representation of foreign companies, where we can offer market feedbacks, good distribution network, stock and sell facility.

We can import under bond for large consignments as per the requirement.

Company’s export scopes : UAE


Made out from food grade, high impact polystyrene or polypropylene for use as ice cream and dairy product packaging, catering services, food processing industry, airlines, railway and hospitals, hotels and fast food counters, mineral water and soft drinks industries, household / parties / picnicsLeak proof, dimensionally stable and easy to carry

Odorless and non toxic

Available with high gloss surface in various sizes and shapes

Available in opaque, translucent and transparent range

Available with 6 colour dry offset printing

Not reusable but recyclable

PP Woven mats created by new generation computerized system, using the finest PP yarns available, in a tightly woven 2/2 twill structure using a monofilament warp and flat tape weft. Both ends are to be secured with a woven tape folded and stitched through the fabric of the mat.2 x 4 feet: Mainly used for «Namaz». Easy to carry and comes in wide range of designs and colours