MTT Turbo Strategy

MTT Turbo Strategy

It varies from network to network but I am referring to 5 min blind structures. I’ve managed to maintain a little over the starting stack of 5000 by stealing. EP shoves and with 9BB, I decided to call. Button also calls. EP shows 88 and BU shows KK. GG. Bad move or bad luck? With 9 10bb, I’ll open shove 77+, KQ, AJ+ and call all ins with TT+, AQ+. Obviously, luck is the biggest factor on who wins these tournaments, but does anyone have a better approach on these tournaments?

Edited 6 years agoYou sound like you pretty much have it about right. Turbos are really about being aggressive, and hitting good cards w/ a lot of luck. Your going to see a LOT more players getting AI on more marginal hands (KJo, T9o, etc), just trying to pinch off some extra chips because of the blinds structure. Always steal when your sure you can get away with it.

Sounds just more like a bad luck hand. Always sucks when somebody in late position is holding those monsters, but I would have played it the same way probably. Gotta get it in when the gettin’s good (for the most part, lol).

Here’s to running better next time!

Yah, it’s quite diff than turbo sngs because of the minefield of players that are willing to gamble to chip up early (with lesser hands than you mentioned). It’s great when you have premiums from the get go but even those can cripple you when it becomes a family pot cuz of some donks (and you’re AIPF). Other than basic poker, I’ll flip/go all in with QQ+ and AK early (I find that the cushion for winning these early is worth going busto for), and call shoves with 77+ AQ+ if I have 2:1 stack advantage over one or two villains.

6 years agoIve played a few mtt turbos, i tend to enjoy these tournaments more because they are less boring and more exciting, i mean i get bored playing for a long time in a tourney when the stakes are 5 10 or 10 20, theres less action and less people getting eliminated. Of course luck does play an important role in these tourneys but luck also plays the same part with JJ getting beaten by KK when the blinds move up slowly as well, the result would be the same, but turbo mtts are faster paced, more action oriented and dont often last for 6 to 7 hours which can be a major grind.

6 years agoPlaying a MTT turbo and being shortstacks is such a minefield, you thought you had your best hand for an example and they usually sit with overcard like AA AK KK.

That’s how it usually is for my thought.

My AA have got cracked many times in such a situation.

I don’t think you did any wrong with your Pocket Jacks, usually a hand you can’t fold in the blind, but if you sitting with a bigger stacks I can definely fold it and wait for better hands.