Golf Carts of Florida

Golf Carts of Florida

22 April 2001 With so much emphasis today on being environmentally sensitive and ecologically sound, Car Design News brings you a field report on what’s hot in transportation design from Boca Grande, Florida!

Our first example illustrates that retro has come to golf cart design. This wonderful example of an historically inspired design reminds us of classic open air roadsters.

For the interior, fine wood grain trim completes the luxurious looking instrument panel. Note the convenient cup holders, lighter and power outlet in the center of the dashboard. The two spoke leather wrapped steering wheel ensures a completely thrilling motoring experience.

For the more conservative driver, this lovely blue example of a more common design can be found in great numbers throughout Florida’s gated communities. White vinyl bench seats with split non folding seat backs provide accommodation for 4 passengers. The rear passengers sit facing rearward with a footrest and grabhandles. This particular example also comes equipped with a fetching blue and white fringed top. The extended length top also provides needed shade for rear passengers as well.

For those seeking to carry more than two generations of the same family, the triple row cart may be more suitable. Essentially the same in design, this cart incorporates an increased wheelbase to accommodate another row of seats. The extended wheelbase presumably improves ride while hindering parking lot agility between the palms.

For maximum people carrying capability or for the family reunion, the 4 row version really hits the mark. There is really nothing else that can transport up to 8 people in quite the same style as this stretched cart.

For the more daring, the SUC or Sport Utility Cart might be your mount. There are plenty of performance features that give the SUC a very «macho» look. Notice the «All Terrain» tires, generous ground clearance, brush bar, and fog lamps. There is even a very sturdy looking roof rack that must have come off a Land Rover! The half windscreen also complements the look with a «wind in your face» driving experience. Don’t forget your driving goggles.

Here’s another fine example of the SUC. Super knobby tyres all the way up the sidewall ensure grip wherever you find yourself. On the beach, on the ninth hole green, or valet parked at the country club, the all purpose SUC gives you the image you could ask for. The added ground clearance is clearly evident in this side view photograph as is the colourful, fringed sun shade

For the workers, commercial carts such as the one shown here handle the «dirty work». This cart is a laundry cart used for transporting laundry to and from the commercial washers and dryers of hotels. The enclosed cargo area provides secure, wet weather protection while the side window allows us to view the load status of the cart towels or linens.

The «Pickup» as we all know is woven into American car (truck) culture. This genre of working vehicle is also represented in golf cart design. Notice the short and shallow pickup box. This particular cart was caught while plugged in. The charging unit is visible at the bottom right.

The pickup cart is also available as a cabriolet for sun tanning.

Demonstrating the platform flexibility of the basic golf cart is this spy photo of the latest retro inspired Chevrolet. The striped seats and scalloped red awning are reminiscent of classic American diners.

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