Congratulate On New Year

Congratulate On New Year

«2011 was marked by a lot of outstanding events. Everything started with Nakamura winning Wijk aan Zee, which few expected. Then came Gelfand brilliant victory in Kazan a few staked on him. Svidler won in Khanty Mansiysk he, as well, wasn a favourite. That why I wish the readers of Chess News best of luck in New Year, believe in yourselves, work on yourselves. That is something that I feel myself and, therefore, I hope that coming year will bring us a lot of good results».

«First of all I like to wish everyone health. Love to our game, to have as much interesting chess events in New Year as it possible, and the most important to participate in them. I heard from my friends, amateurs in chess, for many times: they played in some sort of a tournament and experienced a great pleasure. Regardless our skills, we all love this game. And I think, that our own games are the most interesting for us. That why, following Vasily Utkin words, I like to wish everyone to play chess as much as possible. And, of course, follow chess news, including on Chess News».

«First of all I like to wish luck and success in life to my team of Azerbaijan. The joyous and significant events have happened this year for Gadir Guseinov and Teimour Radjabov. They got married, they became family men, they got a new kind of responsibility. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and Nidjat Mamedov are next. I wish them to complete the started. The engagements have already been done, now the weddings should take place. I wish that to be beautiful and joyful events and those, who already had families, I wish a logical continuation of the first stage.

I like to wish everything the best to my former team guys from Ukrainian team. Foremost to Pasha Eljanov whose daughter was born recently. All the best to them in chess career and everyday life. The same wishes for the «SOCAR» team, captain of which I am. Half of the team consists of Azerbaijani people whom I already wished everything. All the best for the second half of it as well, foremost chess success, successful tournaments.

Not to mention all other chess fans».

«I wish everyone chess victories, perfection, so that the interest in chess won fade. From all the New Years I had, the happiest was 2001/2002, when we had a practice session with Ponomariov and Topalov in the run up to the match against Ivanchuk. That was a memorable New Year: we didn have any special celebrations, but just sat and played chess. For me, 11 year old boy, dealing with such giants, of course, couldn pass without leaving a trace, that impression exists till now.

I like to wish the interest in chess won fade for anyone in New Year, and the visitors of Chess News continue entering and reading it. I think this website is very objective, it enables everyone to express their views, which is a big plus. Good luck everyone!».

«I wish the whole chess community the same as I wish myself. Maybe that goes against what it doing right now, listens to us, but I still can avoid saying that. The past year, more than any other, carried me into a virtual world. And I completely sure that the visitors of the website spend a big part of their lives in the virtual world. In other words, I can live without the Internet. That correct and that good. But they have to take on trust the real life is more important than a virtual one. Don forget about the real life, which is ridiculously and cruelly short».

«I wish all the chess players a happy New Year. Although this will be a leap year, the year of Dragon. Nevertheless, I wish everyone good health, energy, optimism, desire to overstep all the hardships, those who are facing them. An aspiration to achieve the things each has outlined. The year will be hard, but I think that chess will enable everyone, who plays it, to get a lot of pleasure. And those difficulties, which will raise outside the chess world, will be attenuated by chess. Positive mood, lots of smiles and everything the best!».