completes ABB picking robot family now with six variants

completes ABB picking robot family now with six variants

For nearly 15 years, ABB’s IRB 360 FlexPicker has been the leader in state of the art high speed robotic picking and packing technology. Compared to conventional hard automation, the IRB 360 offers much greater flexibility in a compact footprint while maintaining accuracy and high payloads.

With the introduction of the IRB 360 6, the lastest robot to be added to the IRB 360 family, ABB has delivered a FlexPicker with a reach of 1600 mm and a mid range payload of 6 kg. The sacrifice of a small amount of payload versus the 8 kg FlexPicker has resulted in a long reach for applications in which conveyors must be far apart or other environmental factors require long distances between pick and place movements.

The IRB 360 family now includes variants with payloads of 1 kg, 3 kg, 6 kg and 8 kg and reaches of 800 mm, 1130 mm and 1600 mm meaning there is an IRB 360 for almost every need. Featuring outstanding motion control, short cycle times, and precision accuracy, an IRB 360 can operate at very high speeds in anything from narrow to wide spaces with very tight tolerances. Every FlexPicker also benefits from a re engineered tool flange which can accommodate larger grippers, allowing for efficient handling of flow wrapped products at high speeds from an indexing belt.

«We’re proud to complete the FlexPicker family and maintain our lead in the robotic picking and packing market,» says Klas Bengtsson, ABB Product Manager for Picking, Packing and Palletizing. «Across the entire IRB 360 range we can now offer solutions for the shortest, fastest and lightest tasks all the way up to heavy, multiple product picking operations.»

The IRB 360 family is also designed to work in the harshest washdown environments in which sanitary design is of the utmost importance, such as meat and dairy applications. An option with all stainless steel parts is IP69K validated so that it can be washed down with industrial detergents and high pressure hot water. The robot is also designed with smooth, rinse off surfaces, as well as lubricant free joints that are resistant to most corrosives.

Every IRB 360 can be easily set up with ABB’s PickMaster software which has evolved into an invaluable tool for integrators and users of the robot. Using PickMaster, an entire line can be developed, simulated and programmed in less than a day leaving only the installation of the robots and associated equipment as the final step.

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